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What Makes Good Armstrong Commercial Flooring

If you are looking to have a DIY installation done for hardwood, then you should consider settling for Armstrong commercial flooring. They have specially engineered hardwood option for your construction needs. You’ll also get different options when it comes to home remodeling such as floating floors. These floors can be installed over a sub floor which is structurally dry, flat and clean. Here are some factors to consider when installing floating hardwood floors.

Always Consider Expansion Space

During construction it’s paramount to leave proper expansion spaces especially if you need to install glue or nail-down floors. Given that midtown hardwood is floated on the sub floor, it’s important to follow expansion guidelines based on your installation size. This will allow your floors to expand and contract at given humidity and moisture changes.

Setting Up The Underpayment

The next step in the installation process is setting up an underlayment. Armstrong commercial strongly recommends that professionals use the Armstrong’s quite comfort premium or Armstrong’s comfort products. This provides for a cushion between the subfloor and the hardwood floor incase of slight subfloor irregularities.

The installation process

When you are done with the underlayment phase, you are now ready to set up the floor. You should start the process by laying the first row with the tongue facing the wall. You can also take advantage of pre-measured wedges to compensate for the expansion space. After the first piece is laid, ensure that the second overlaps the end of the first board so that the joint is firm. Adjustments to the boards are necessary to ensure a tight fit.

When you are done with the first row, move on to the second by placing the boards onto the groove and ensure they angle up slightly. You should then push them forward by interlocking the side tongue. Keep pushing the boards down till the groove and tongue locks together on the side, and repeat the same process until the installation is done.

Key features in the hardwood floors

One of the unique types of hardwood offered by Armstrong Commercial is the Midtown hardwood. Here are some of the features of this hardwood floor.

Stability – The hardwood has a denser core which makes it less prone to the effect of seasonal temperatures and moisture. Its durability is enshrined in the hardwoods construction. It is made from a high density fiber board compared to other traditionally engineered hardwoods.

It is resistant to dent – It comes with a combination of inclined boards over a HDF core making them impact resistant compared to other hardwood floors. It also features denser colors of four wood species such as oak, red oak and maple.

Hardwood floors and Humidity

Summertime not only brings pool time and backyard barbecues but also contributes significantly to the rise in humidity. If you have hardwood floors installed, there are a few things you need know in order to keep your floor in great shape. The first rule is to ensure that the humidity level is set at between 35 to 55 percent.

Disadvantages of high humidity levels

If your homes humidity level is above 55 percent, there is a high possibility for moisture to seep into the wood. In such cases, the floor boards will begin to swell creating pressure that will in turn make them wrap. This is the case in both engineered and solid hardwoods. You need to remember that although engineered hardwoods tend to be stable they are still prone to moisture.

Disadvantages of low humidity levels

While high moisture damages your floor, it isn’t the only thing to look out for. If your humidity level falls to below 35, that can be problematic. Low humidly makes the wood to dry out which in turn weakens the wood causing the floor to split along the grain. This greatly damages the finish and could be a big issue during regular maintenance.

You can check humidity at home y using a hydrometer or humidistar.They are readily available in hardware stores or home centers closest to you. If the humidity level is above or below the recommended limit make the necessary adjustments. If they are too high you should turn up the air conditioner or use a dehumidifier. This will ensure lifetime durability of your Armstrong commercial floors.



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