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Why You Need to Select the Right Mannington Vinyl Flooring

Mannington Vinyl flooring has constantly maintained its quality over the years. That said, it is manufactured using the rotogravure printing process that imprints patterns in engraved substrate. This in turn gives you a combination of easy maintenance, durability and beauty. You not only get the look you want but also better performance for your floors. They also come in executive inner core construction that provides for permanent stains and indentation.

What makes a great Mannington vinyl floor?

Mannington vinyl floors are different from other vynl flooring materials due to their construction and general anesthetics. It is also a complete replica in the look and graining of real hardwood. Here are features and benefits of using Mannington flooring

  • The floors are manufactured using a new process called photogravure that creates incredible realist 3D photo replica of the natural material

  • A closer look reveals that vinyl floors are a replica of real hardwood or stone

  • Given that they are made from 100 percent vinyl material, they are more suitable for green building standards and thus will qualify you for rebates and eco-construction incentives

Mannington vinyl flooring is an evolutionary step in vinyl flooring. It is crafted with advanced printing and texturing technologies to create great designs and top notch performance. It comes in a wide range of natural designs from rustic slates, elegant stones and wood grains. Each of these patterns is expertly crafted using the latest form of 4G color technology that is crisp and rich.

It is also available in three different performance levels that will suit your lifestyle. The platinum level gives you superior durability and softness underfoot. It also comes with a scratch resistant water layer for excellent performance. The gold level gives you a 20 year warranty and its stands up to the demands of an active floor or household. It is also budget friendly, comes with a urethane wear layer, and gives you a 10 year warranty. Shopping for a quality floor gets easier with these options.

Environmental Attributes in Vinyl Flooring.

Mannington flooring feature environmental attributes that enable you make the right choice for your home. One of the key features is the floor score certification that complies with strict indoor air quality standards. It also greatly contributes to credit for green building system such as LEED. Additionally, most spills clean up easily with gentle soap and water.

Care and Maintenance of Mannington flooring

To ensure protection of your Mannington vinyl flooring, it’s important to follow up these guidelines.

  • Ensure that you constantly use a door mat at the entrance in order to prevent dirt, grit, sand and other substances such as driveway sealers or asphalt from getting to your house. The non-staining mat is highly recommended for use. You can also use latex based driveway sealer to minimize potential staining.

  • You should close your curtains and blinds in places where there is extreme or direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight greatly contribute to home furnishing discoloration

  • Ensure that your furniture is protected by a non staining protector. In most cases, the protector should be one inch and made from hard plastic.

  • If you are looking to move heavy appliances or furniture across the floor ensure you use stripes of wood or hardwood runaway to protect the floors. This also applies to appliance dolly or heavy objects with rollers or wheels.

Resolving resilient stains

Mannington flooring offers superb resistance to stain. Most spills will easily wipe off with a clean cloth and cleaner or striper. However removing other stains will take a little more effort.

Food and beverage stains – Some food or beverages might be gummy and when stuck on the floor need to be scraped with a dull knife. You should then scour using Mannington striper and cleaner and a nylon pad or stiff bristle brush. You should then saturate the white cloth with bleach solution and allow it to stand for over an hour.

Crayon, ink, permanent marker or hair dye – If you are having trouble with these stains ensure you scour using Mannington vinyl floor cleaner or striper and a stiff brush or nylon cloth. You should then wipe with a clean cloth soaked in light fluid specifically isopropyl alcohol or painters naphtha.



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