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Why Choose Mohawk Carpet For Your Floor

The article looks at the advantages of installing a Mohawk carpet on any surface. It gives the advantages from the point of view of a manufacturer and that of a user. This approach is comprehensive and provides a perfect guide to buyers with the assurance of long term benefits. The advantages are also obtained from reviews by persons who have used Mohawk carpets for years. You will also get a word from experts on carpets to provide certainty whenever you will be buying a carpet for your home or office.

Carpets give your home a warm and comfortable feel. They also reduce noise by absorbing sounds produced by people as they walk or other activities happening on the floor. Mohawk carpet has maintained the reputation of quality and a mark of a certain lifestyle. Its innovative design has resulted in a soft surface that is pet and family friend. These are just some of the attributes of this carpet. Here are the main elements that make the brand the preferred rag for most homes and offices.


It is made of different fibers. They range from natural to synthetic and other materials in between. The materials are clearly labeled to guide buyers and ensure that they pick the perfect fiber. These fibers are adequately treated and can withstand any environment below. Mohawk has been innovative over the years and developed rugs that are durable and comfortable to walk or lay your feet on.

It has remained a leader in use of high quality fiber that is durable and gives your floor an elegant appearance. The carpets are futuristic and provide an excellent floor experience to users. You have a variety of fibers to choose from depending on your flooring needs. There is a fiber to match your needs and expectations.


Mohawk has been regarded as the most stylish collection there is in the market. The varieties of carpets range from flush to thick and geometric patterns. There are also contemporary and trendy styles alongside other more conservative and professional looking patterns. The conservative patterns are meant to give your floor a classic appearance.

Style also encompasses color. There are incredible color options available. Each pattern or variety is available in multiple colors and shades. In fact, some of the most popular patterns are available in up to 60 shades and colors. With all the variety at your disposal, you will be sure to have the perfect color, pattern or style for your home.


Nothing feels as breathtaking as walking on a soft carpet. A Mohawk carpet covered floor will give you a kingly feel. It is part of the new generation of innovative fiber and weaving technology that not only gives it an elegant feel but an appearance to die for. The fiber used in weaving the carpet is uniquely fine and thus produces the softest feeling, different from the traditional fiber.

The degree of softness depends on the style you have chosen. There are areas where you would prefer a very soft Mohawk carpet while in other cases the preference is a rough one. The softest in the collection are the longer and looser piles. However, the feel on the loop style carpets is also amazing. There are silk carpets that have landed by storm because of their softness. This is the softest and most plush carpet you will find on the market.

Durability and Performance

It is possible to predict the performance of a carpet based on the material and technology used in its manufacture. The most innovative looping technology ensures that the strands are durable and do not flake at the ends. The technology and fiber used ensure that the rug is highly resilient. This is why the mats come with 15-25 years warranties. They are fade and abrasive resistant and retain the texture all through.

The ability to resist stains also increases its durability considering that washing with ordinary and even the course detergents will not affect the quality of its fiber. It is the ideal rug for intense situations. It will provide intense use anywhere around the house regardless of the quantity and nature of traffic.


This is one of the main concerns whenever you are buying a carpet for commercial or residential use. Mohawk carpet provides the easiest time whenever you need to keep your room clean. Depending on the material used, you can clean the carpet with plain water to get rid of common household stains.

Stain protection technology is built within the fiber. This is why it can withstand even the extreme staining conditions. The in-built ability ensures that the resistance remains within the fiber forever. With ordinary detergents and cleaning methods, you will keep your room and floor clean.

Mohawk carpet is one of the best brands in the market for commercial and residential use. It will address all your floor and carpeting concerns and give you an amazing living area. The cost is reasonable and ensures that you get the most environmentally friendly offer there is in the market. With a warranty spreading over a decade, you are sure of quality service.



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