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How to Pick the Right Carpet Pad for Your Floor

It is easy to ignore the role played by a carpet pad because it is usually invisible. Some people even use carpets without pads. The right pad will make your floor comfortable to walk on and more durable. You will also have a terrible experience if you select the wrong pad for your carpet. How then do you determine that the pad you are choosing is the right one for your floor?

Check Manufacturer Requirement

Has the manufacturer recommended the use of a pad with the carpet you have installed? There are carpets that come within built pads. Others are customized into the carpet during installation. In other cases, the preparation required to install a carpet does not warrant the use of a pad. These dynamics determine whether you will require a pad or not.

Manufacturers also recommend a particular thickness depending on the features of the carpet and fiber used. You may be asked to use a Carpet Pad that is ½ inch, 6 inches, etc. The thickness of the carpet will also affect the features of the pad to use. The need for a pad may also be affected by preparations made below the carpet. Manufacturers provide directions on whether you need a pad or not.

Why are you installing the pad?

Pads are installed for different reasons. It is these reasons that determine the type of pad you will buy. Here are reasons why you should install pads underneath your carpet.

  • Soft walking- a carpet pad give your floor a smooth feel. It makes the surface even and thus more presentable to people walking in or working in the room. The quality of the pad will determine how smooth that feeling is.

  • Ease in maintenance- a pad makes it easier to maintain your carpet clean. When the vacuum cleaner is working on the surface, it will be easier to lift it and ensure that no dirt remains underneath. With a clean carpet, it is easy to avoid allergens that expose your family members or people working there to diseases and infections. It also reduces your maintenance bill.

  • Thermal insulation- it is possible for draft to sip through carpets. However, with the assistance of a carpet pad that has the right R-Value-(the ability to prevent penetration of heat), it will be comfortable to walk on the carpet whether it is hot or cold. This also means that you can easily maintain a constant temperature for your interior space.

  • Sound reduction- pads are effective in reducing sound especially in basements and upstairs rooms. They work better than lone carpets.

You should check at the conditions of the warranty regarding the use of a carpet pad. If the manufacturer does not recommend the use of a pad, your warranty will be void if you install the pad. Further, should you install a pad that is not recommended, your warranty will also be void.

Material Used

Carpets and carpet pads are made of different materials. To begin with, the material used for the pad should compliment what is used for the pad. The method used in weaving your carpet will also determine the best pad to use. For instance, experts advise you to use synthetic padding if your carpet is looped or tightly woven. The density of a synthetic pad is higher which makes it durable. Such a pad also works excellently on areas that experience high traffic. Synthetic pads are also resistant to moisture, which makes them ideal for basements or places that are prone to mildew and mold. In fact, they perform excellently when installed on concrete surfaces.

The weight of the padding is also a factor especially due to maintenance needs. You need a light weight pad that is also cost effective. It is recommended that you use Urethane or its relative made of polyurethane. The density and damage resistance properties of these padding materials make them idea for areas where you need to replace the carpet in 3 years. Because the materials collapse faster, they should not be used on areas that experience a lot of traffic.

The effectiveness of a carpet pad will depend on the choice you make and how well it is installed. Choose a pad that suits the nature of carpet you have installed. Further ensure that the carpet is perfect for the area you wish to install it. Recommendations by manufacturers will also guide you on the best pad to select. Choose a pad that is within your budget range.



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