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How to Avoid Scams When Buying Discount Carpet

Everyone desires to get a good carpet at a bargain. The lure for a discount carpet exposes many to fraud. You either lose money or get poor quality mat. Regardless of whether you have bought a mat before or not, it is difficult to detect a scam. However, experts have provided a guide on differentiating a quality rug from a scam. Here are tips you should consider.

Know What You Want

A carpet plays different roles in a house. You could be targeting a rug that absorbs sound to minimize noise as people work within the room. In other cases, the target is to improve the appearance of your office by giving it an executive look. There are rugs that protect your tiles from damage due to traffic. You may also use a rug capture stone pebbles and other particles that may damage your carpet. These reasons should guide you on the qualities of carpet to choose.

It will be disappointing to buy a silk carpet if your intention is to capture stones or pebbles at the entrance of a room. Look for a discount carpet that matches your expectations. For instance, you might need a hardcore rug at your door beyond the executive carpet you have installed for the rest of the office. It is only with full knowledge of what you need that you can be sure of the best carpet to install.

The thickness of a carpet will affect sound absorption. It will also affect how warm the floor feels. If the intention is to absorb sound, the thickness of your carpet does not have to be at the extreme. However, is you use a carpet that is too thin, it will not be as warm as you might desire. You need to find a perfect balance between sound absorption and warmth, without compromising on the appearance of your floor. This calls for you to pay attention to other factors beyond the price of the carpet.

Get Accurate Measurements

The price you pay at the discount carpet store near you will depend on the size you buy. Small scale carpet installation or buying definite sized carpets does not require the intervention of an installation professional. However, if you are installing on large scale, you need to buy a size that fits the area you will be installing.

There are carpet salesmen who are trained on measurements and installation. By getting the measurement, you will determine the overall size. The size of individual rooms gives you a hint of the number and size of rolls you require. Most of the scams happen during measurement. To avoid being conned, it is advisable that you get measurements from three or more sales persons. This will give you a more accurate idea of the size of the space to be carpeted.

Related Costs

While many carpet buyers focus on the price when buying, there are other expenses associated with installation and use of a carpet. A discount carpet may be affordable to buy but expensive to install. The costs beyond purchase include preparation of the basement and maintenance. Mats that are laid on the surface to absorb sound or protect the underlying surface from damage by traffic might not come with installation cost. However, carpets that need to be installed permanently or semi permanently call for preparation of the underground surface. This is likely to raise your expenditure significantly.

Remember that poor installation will affect the appearance of the surface and eventually the lifespan of your floor. It might cost you more to constantly repair the floor if it is not done properly. Will the rug you are buying at a discount require special cleaning and maintenance procedure or substances? Does it require special equipment to keep it clean? Will it handle your normal traffic and still remain clean? These are related costs that must be considered as part of the long term price you have to pay.

You need to identify a reliable installer. Check installers who are licensed and accredited or get a recommendation from the discount carpet store. You may also get a referral from a friend whose floor has impressed you. Reviews by clients who have enjoyed carpet installation services will also help you identify a reliable installer in your neighborhood.

The best discount carpet is one that gives you excellent value for money. There should not be a compromise on quality or hidden long term expenses. The benefits of the discount should extend to the life of the carpet and not be just at the point of sale.



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