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The Secret Behind Carpet Tile 2017

It was common to see the use of Carpet Tile in areas that experienced heavy traffic because they were usable and flexible. However, it has gained a new and fashionable tag because of the carpeting qualities it offers to your floor. It is a perfect choice for both residential and commercial installation.

Carpet tiles are available in different sizes and styles. This has made them the idea option when you want to cover areas that are unconventionally shaped. They have been referred to as the smart side of carpets. The fact that they are available in different shades means that they fit the needs of any customer. Carpet tile is affordable regardless of your budget without compromising on quality.

Installation of carpet tile is easy and can even be done using DIY procedure. At a first glance, the surface is impressive. When you lay your foot on the carpet, the experience is exciting and breathtaking. There are advantages that have made the use of these tiles so popular both at home and on commercial spaces. Here are some of these advantages.




Carpet Express is a distributor of a wide variety of carpets and rugs, offering latest designs in residential and commercial flooring. The company offers residential carpets in a variety of styles and colors, such as textured, plush, berber, grass and frieze. The firm also provides hardwood in variety of colors, such as fawn, dune, seashell, cherry, saddle, butterscotch, spice, winter white, gunstock and natural. Shop online today at or call 800-922-5582 to speak to a sales representative.

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