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Professional Maintenance Tips for Mohawk Hardwood Floors

The appearance and performance of your Mohawk hardwood require a bit of help from you. Even with the most professional installation, it will take your intervention to ensure that the floor remains strong and elegant. This is especially in your daily routine, the procedures you use for cleaning, activities on the surface and the substances you use on the floor. Beyond the appearance, someone walking on the floor needs to feel comfortable and welcome.

Essential Care for Mohawk Hardwood Floor

The floor requires regular vacuuming and sweeping using a broom or soft bristled attachment. This is especially important on areas that experience a lot of traffic. It helps to get rid of sand and bristle particles that are likely to be pushed into the wood when pressed against the surface. When the floor is not swept regularly and the particles left lying, they will scratch the surface leaving it rough and unpleasant to walk on. If you have to vacuum the floor, ensure that your machine does not have a power rotary brush on the head or a beater bar. They are likely to scratch the surface and cause damage which will be difficult to repair.

UV rays and excess heat from the sun damage the surface. As such, ensure that your this floor is protected from direct sun and light by using protective window coverings. This helps to maintain the integrity of the surface as well as protect it from aging. Wood is known to age fast if it is exposed to excess light. As such, rearrange your furniture around the house often to prevent some areas from aging faster than others.

Protecting the Floor from Damage

The integrity of the floor will always depend on daily maintenance and the activities that take place on the floor. Here are tips that will ensure that you maintain the integrity of the floor and thus keep it attractive and impressive all the time.

  • Trim the claws of pets that play or walk on the wooden surface. The claws scratch the surface and in the process leave marks that damage the quality of your floor. You may also need to designate a particular playing area for them where a rug will be installed. The rug captures stones and other pebbles that when stepped on by people walking will damage the floor. Maintaining the paws of your pets and using rugs also ensures that the pets do not introduce stains to your floor.

  • Wood shrinkage is a common occurrence especially during the cold and dry seasons. The best option to maintain the integrity of your floor is to use a humidifier. Maintaining a constant internal temperature is essential in ensuring that the integrity of the floor is maintained. The cracks will absorb water causing damage to your floor.

  • Wipe stains and any spills on the surface as soon as possible. This will protect your floor from staining. A stained floor requires specialized and sometimes course substances to clear the stain. However, when the stain is removed as fast as possible, it does not stick on the surface and thus is easier to remove. When removing any stain from your floor, ensure that you use the recommended substances. There are care essentials and cleaners designed for the hardwood surfaces by Mohawk.

  • When dealing with hardened substances like wax or plastic that has stained your floor, it is recommended that you use a credit card or a similarly plastic object. The method of removal will protect your floor from being scratched. This also applies to chewing gum that has been pressed on the surface. You should not use a lot of force when removing these objects stuck on the surface. Force is likely to damage your polished wooden surface through scratching. The area is then wiped clean with a soft, clean and slightly damp cloth.

Extra Protection For Your Mohawk Hardwood Floor

To maintain the integrity of your hardwood floor, there is need to invest in mats and rags or protective pads. The pads will ensure that heavy furniture does not damage the floor. Placing the mat at the entrance helps to sieve sand particles that would easily find their way onto your floor and cause damage. The mat also traps substances like wax, chewing gum, oil, etc that would damage the floor.

Maintaining the integrity requires daily attention and caution on what takes place on the surface. This ensures that your floor is always elegant and comfortable to walk on. You will also not have to spend a fortune on its maintenance. This is the way to get incredible long term value.



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