Reasons You Should Go For Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an excellent material because it accommodates any budget and flooring options. It is also regarded among the best in water resistance, is affordable and lasts long. When it has been installed properly, Vinyl Flooring gives you a classic and elegant looking floor. It stands out as a perfect option for both commercial and residential flooring.

What is vinyl flooring?

You need to have the vinyl material up close in order to make a decision about its suitability for your floor. Vinyl is made of a plastic by the name Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. This is a highly versatile material that has been used in industrial production of most household materials from home sidings to toys.

The material that makes up these sheets and tiles makes them withstand extreme impact which protects them from denting or cracking. It is admirably comfortable to walk on compared to the other options. These are among the reasons it is chosen for areas that experience a lot of traffic and where both pets and children play.

Why to choose?


With vinyl flooring, you have numerous options to satisfy your taste and flooring desires. These options range from colors to designs and textures. You even have the privilege of mimicking other floors like wood, cement, stone, ceramic tiles, etc. It will therefore give your floor the appearance you have been looking for.

You may select such texture options as smooth, non-slip and moderately rough surfaces. You also have an option of picking sheet over tile based on your preference. This means that you are not boxed into a single option. You have the freedom to choose a unique floor for your commercial or residential property.

Easy Maintenance

When installing any floor, one of your major concerns should be maintenance. Attention should be on daily maintenance as well as keeping a flawless floor for a long time. Vinyl flooring gives you an easy to clean surface that is also very hygienic. Since it does not capture dust or allergens, it is the perfect option for a family with dust or allergen sensitive members.

The surface does not provide any room for germs or bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice especially in a home where members are prone to germs. To ensure that your kids are playing on a floor that is free of disease causing bacteria, it is advisable to have vinyl flooring.

To keep vinyl floors clean, you only require ordinary cleaning substances, procedures and materials. With regular wiping using a cloth and plain water, your living area will remain immaculate and admirable. You do not have to worry about cracks or what lies below the tiles because surface is usually completely covered.

Easy Installation

It gives you the option of sheets or tiles. These are the easiest materials to install on a floor. Both the planks and tiles come with a peel and stick surface that give you an easy option when you want to DIY. In fact, you do not need the assistance of a professional technician to complete the work. A homeowner can therefore get the work done in one weekend without having to incur heavy installation bills. This is a cost effective option whenever you want to have an elegant floor. You are also sure of quality even when your installation is DIY.


Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable and economical options in the market today. It is cheap to install considering that you can even DIY. At the counter, the cost you pay for a square meter of floor is significantly low compared to other flooring options. Since you can mimic other floors, it gives you a chance to have an elegant looking surface at a fraction of the price without compromising on the quality of your floor.

The cost of maintenance will also push you into vinyl flooring. There is no need for special equipment, substances or procedures to keep the floor clean. Because the floor is durable, you do not need to constantly repair it. Furthermore, the use of tiles and sheets allows you to replace a small section other than having to remove the entire floor. This provides an incredibly affordable flooring option.

It is an elegant choice that offers variety and is pocket friendly for both large and small scale installation. With a DIY flooring option that does not compromise on quality, it is an option you should consider. It ranks top among the easiest floors to maintain and can handle all manner of traffic imaginable.

Why Choose Mohawk Carpet For Your Floor

The article looks at the advantages of installing a Mohawk carpet on any surface. It gives the advantages from the point of view of a manufacturer and that of a user. This approach is comprehensive and provides a perfect guide to buyers with the assurance of long term benefits. The advantages are also obtained from reviews by persons who have used Mohawk carpets for years. You will also get a word from experts on carpets to provide certainty whenever you will be buying a carpet for your home or office.

Carpets give your home a warm and comfortable feel. They also reduce noise by absorbing sounds produced by people as they walk or other activities happening on the floor. Mohawk carpet has maintained the reputation of quality and a mark of a certain lifestyle. Its innovative design has resulted in a soft surface that is pet and family friend. These are just some of the attributes of this carpet. Here are the main elements that make the brand the preferred rag for most homes and offices.


It is made of different fibers. They range from natural to synthetic and other materials in between. The materials are clearly labeled to guide buyers and ensure that they pick the perfect fiber. These fibers are adequately treated and can withstand any environment below. Mohawk has been innovative over the years and developed rugs that are durable and comfortable to walk or lay your feet on.

It has remained a leader in use of high quality fiber that is durable and gives your floor an elegant appearance. The carpets are futuristic and provide an excellent floor experience to users. You have a variety of fibers to choose from depending on your flooring needs. There is a fiber to match your needs and expectations.


Mohawk has been regarded as the most stylish collection there is in the market. The varieties of carpets range from flush to thick and geometric patterns. There are also contemporary and trendy styles alongside other more conservative and professional looking patterns. The conservative patterns are meant to give your floor a classic appearance.

Style also encompasses color. There are incredible color options available. Each pattern or variety is available in multiple colors and shades. In fact, some of the most popular patterns are available in up to 60 shades and colors. With all the variety at your disposal, you will be sure to have the perfect color, pattern or style for your home.


Nothing feels as breathtaking as walking on a soft carpet. A Mohawk carpet covered floor will give you a kingly feel. It is part of the new generation of innovative fiber and weaving technology that not only gives it an elegant feel but an appearance to die for. The fiber used in weaving the carpet is uniquely fine and thus produces the softest feeling, different from the traditional fiber.

The degree of softness depends on the style you have chosen. There are areas where you would prefer a very soft Mohawk carpet while in other cases the preference is a rough one. The softest in the collection are the longer and looser piles. However, the feel on the loop style carpets is also amazing. There are silk carpets that have landed by storm because of their softness. This is the softest and most plush carpet you will find on the market.

Durability and Performance

It is possible to predict the performance of a carpet based on the material and technology used in its manufacture. The most innovative looping technology ensures that the strands are durable and do not flake at the ends. The technology and fiber used ensure that the rug is highly resilient. This is why the mats come with 15-25 years warranties. They are fade and abrasive resistant and retain the texture all through.

The ability to resist stains also increases its durability considering that washing with ordinary and even the course detergents will not affect the quality of its fiber. It is the ideal rug for intense situations. It will provide intense use anywhere around the house regardless of the quantity and nature of traffic.


This is one of the main concerns whenever you are buying a carpet for commercial or residential use. Mohawk carpet provides the easiest time whenever you need to keep your room clean. Depending on the material used, you can clean the carpet with plain water to get rid of common household stains.

Stain protection technology is built within the fiber. This is why it can withstand even the extreme staining conditions. The in-built ability ensures that the resistance remains within the fiber forever. With ordinary detergents and cleaning methods, you will keep your room and floor clean.

Mohawk carpet is one of the best brands in the market for commercial and residential use. It will address all your floor and carpeting concerns and give you an amazing living area. The cost is reasonable and ensures that you get the most environmentally friendly offer there is in the market. With a warranty spreading over a decade, you are sure of quality service.

Why It is Important to Select the Right Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce hardwood flooring is developed through a strict manufacturing process that puts great emphasis on quality. For instance, the floors are inspected across 75 different checkpoints. Further, they have fewer gaps and come in more consistent colors and appearance. The common types of hardwood include: American exotic, rustic, traditional and hand-scraped.

Hand-scraped come in rich colors and looks like a customized surface. Rustic design looks like its aged presenting an old fashioned setting. If you need a more modern look then you should consider the American exotic. Traditional designs are time tested and classic. They comprise of cherry, oak and hickory

How can Bruce hardwood floors be of help to you?

Hardwood floors are a valuable investment for your home and can greatly increase the resale value of your home. This is because they are highly regarded by homeowners compared to other flooring types. There are different flooring types out there, but few can boast of more than 100 years experience in the flooring industry.


Shaw Hardwood : The New Flooring Revolution

Any interior designer will tell you that the floor makes a statement about your business or life. This is why we have developed Shaw Hardwood floors to give you an epic floor. The hardwood flooring gives your room a classic appearance without costing a fortune. We have used the latest engineering technology to make the flooring material elegant and outstanding.

Durable Floor

Are you looking at for a floor that will serve you for years without losing its shine? Then, Shaw Hardwood, is your best option. We have incorporated the latest technology that is tested and proven to produce excellent results. The product has been tested on different environments to ascertain its durability.

Climate specialists have been consulted and given their approval on quality. In conjunction with adhesive specialists, we have developed a product that can be applied on any environment and give excellent results.


A lot of activities take place on floors. Some involve pressure and others impact. We have a laboratory that has been used to simulate all imaginable floor scenarios. Shaw Hardwood has proven to resist denting or smashing on impact. It can withstand a lot of pressure and has performed several folds better than its closest competitor. We have therefore produced and recommend a product that can be used on kitchens, public places that experience a lot of traffic, studio floors where people dance, ware houses, etc. It is impressive to note that the resilience lasts throughout the lifespan of the floor.

Easy Installation

Does the impressive appearance of Shaw Hardwood make you think that it is installed by angels or it will cost a fortune to install? The good news is that the impressive flooring ranks among the easiest to install. We have invested in the tongue and groove system to make installation easy, fast and secure. The integrity of the joint is preserved to make the floor perfect for all environments.

There are other features that make the Shaw Hardwood floor your best option.

  • Eco-friendly- it uses less wood without compromising on quality by incorporating recycled materials.

  • Locally planted and harvested trees guarantee the integrity of the wood.

  • The floor will guarantee quality indoor air throughout all seasons.

The process of developing and installing Shaw Hardwood floor has been certified as environmentally friendly. We guarantee the long term quality of the floor despite the price being so reasonably low. This is the flooring option that will guarantee the best value for money.

Why You Need to Select the Right Mannington Vinyl Flooring

Mannington Vinyl flooring has constantly maintained its quality over the years. That said, it is manufactured using the rotogravure printing process that imprints patterns in engraved substrate. This in turn gives you a combination of easy maintenance, durability and beauty. You not only get the look you want but also better performance for your floors. They also come in executive inner core construction that provides for permanent stains and indentation.

What makes a great Mannington vinyl floor?

Mannington vinyl floors are different from other vynl flooring materials due to their construction and general anesthetics. It is also a complete replica in the look and graining of real hardwood. Here are features and benefits of using Mannington flooring

  • The floors are manufactured using a new process called photogravure that creates incredible realist 3D photo replica of the natural material

  • A closer look reveals that vinyl floors are a replica of real hardwood or stone

  • Given that they are made from 100 percent vinyl material, they are more suitable for green building standards and thus will qualify you for rebates and eco-construction incentives

Mannington vinyl flooring is an evolutionary step in vinyl flooring. It is crafted with advanced printing and texturing technologies to create great designs and top notch performance. It comes in a wide range of natural designs from rustic slates, elegant stones and wood grains. Each of these patterns is expertly crafted using the latest form of 4G color technology that is crisp and rich.

It is also available in three different performance levels that will suit your lifestyle. The platinum level gives you superior durability and softness underfoot. It also comes with a scratch resistant water layer for excellent performance. The gold level gives you a 20 year warranty and its stands up to the demands of an active floor or household. It is also budget friendly, comes with a urethane wear layer, and gives you a 10 year warranty. Shopping for a quality floor gets easier with these options.

Environmental Attributes in Vinyl Flooring.

Mannington flooring feature environmental attributes that enable you make the right choice for your home. One of the key features is the floor score certification that complies with strict indoor air quality standards. It also greatly contributes to credit for green building system such as LEED. Additionally, most spills clean up easily with gentle soap and water.

Care and Maintenance of Mannington flooring

To ensure protection of your Mannington vinyl flooring, it’s important to follow up these guidelines.

  • Ensure that you constantly use a door mat at the entrance in order to prevent dirt, grit, sand and other substances such as driveway sealers or asphalt from getting to your house. The non-staining mat is highly recommended for use. You can also use latex based driveway sealer to minimize potential staining.

  • You should close your curtains and blinds in places where there is extreme or direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight greatly contribute to home furnishing discoloration

  • Ensure that your furniture is protected by a non staining protector. In most cases, the protector should be one inch and made from hard plastic.

  • If you are looking to move heavy appliances or furniture across the floor ensure you use stripes of wood or hardwood runaway to protect the floors. This also applies to appliance dolly or heavy objects with rollers or wheels.

Resolving resilient stains

Mannington flooring offers superb resistance to stain. Most spills will easily wipe off with a clean cloth and cleaner or striper. However removing other stains will take a little more effort.

Food and beverage stains – Some food or beverages might be gummy and when stuck on the floor need to be scraped with a dull knife. You should then scour using Mannington striper and cleaner and a nylon pad or stiff bristle brush. You should then saturate the white cloth with bleach solution and allow it to stand for over an hour.

Crayon, ink, permanent marker or hair dye – If you are having trouble with these stains ensure you scour using Mannington vinyl floor cleaner or striper and a stiff brush or nylon cloth. You should then wipe with a clean cloth soaked in light fluid specifically isopropyl alcohol or painters naphtha.

Quick Step Laminate Maintenance Tips

Clean floors are comfortable and attractive. They make your living area to feel healthier and welcoming to visitors. Quick Step Laminate floors are considered among the easiest and most convenient to maintain. Here are professional tips that will make your living area admirable.
  • Regular Care
Paying regular attention to your floor guarantees long life and an elegant appearance. The surface should regularly be wiped with a piece of cloth. Immediately you detect a stain or there is a spill on the surface, remove it using appropriate procedures, substances and materials. Allowing the spills to remain on the surface increases the possibility of staining.
Quick Step Laminate floor is easily damaged by sand particles and dirt which is brought into the room as people walk in. Regularly sweep the floor to get rid of this dust. Allowing these particles to remain lying on the surface exposes your floor to staining. Clear any spill as quickly as possible using recommended methods and substances. The use of vacuum cleaners made of hard bristles will damage your surface. Use attachments made of soft bristles during vacuuming. A cloth or a microfiber mop is recommended.

What Makes Good Armstrong Commercial Flooring

If you are looking to have a DIY installation done for hardwood, then you should consider settling for Armstrong commercial flooring. They have specially engineered hardwood option for your construction needs. You’ll also get different options when it comes to home remodeling such as floating floors. These floors can be installed over a sub floor which is structurally dry, flat and clean. Here are some factors to consider when installing floating hardwood floors.

Always Consider Expansion Space

During construction it’s paramount to leave proper expansion spaces especially if you need to install glue or nail-down floors. Given that midtown hardwood is floated on the sub floor, it’s important to follow expansion guidelines based on your installation size. This will allow your floors to expand and contract at given humidity and moisture changes.

Setting Up The Underpayment

The next step in the installation process is setting up an underlayment. Armstrong commercial strongly recommends that professionals use the Armstrong’s quite comfort premium or Armstrong’s comfort products. This provides for a cushion between the subfloor and the hardwood floor incase of slight subfloor irregularities.

The installation process

When you are done with the underlayment phase, you are now ready to set up the floor. You should start the process by laying the first row with the tongue facing the wall. You can also take advantage of pre-measured wedges to compensate for the expansion space. After the first piece is laid, ensure that the second overlaps the end of the first board so that the joint is firm. Adjustments to the boards are necessary to ensure a tight fit.

When you are done with the first row, move on to the second by placing the boards onto the groove and ensure they angle up slightly. You should then push them forward by interlocking the side tongue. Keep pushing the boards down till the groove and tongue locks together on the side, and repeat the same process until the installation is done.

Key features in the hardwood floors

One of the unique types of hardwood offered by Armstrong Commercial is the Midtown hardwood. Here are some of the features of this hardwood floor.

Stability – The hardwood has a denser core which makes it less prone to the effect of seasonal temperatures and moisture. Its durability is enshrined in the hardwoods construction. It is made from a high density fiber board compared to other traditionally engineered hardwoods.

It is resistant to dent – It comes with a combination of inclined boards over a HDF core making them impact resistant compared to other hardwood floors. It also features denser colors of four wood species such as oak, red oak and maple.

Hardwood floors and Humidity

Summertime not only brings pool time and backyard barbecues but also contributes significantly to the rise in humidity. If you have hardwood floors installed, there are a few things you need know in order to keep your floor in great shape. The first rule is to ensure that the humidity level is set at between 35 to 55 percent.

Disadvantages of high humidity levels

If your homes humidity level is above 55 percent, there is a high possibility for moisture to seep into the wood. In such cases, the floor boards will begin to swell creating pressure that will in turn make them wrap. This is the case in both engineered and solid hardwoods. You need to remember that although engineered hardwoods tend to be stable they are still prone to moisture.

Disadvantages of low humidity levels

While high moisture damages your floor, it isn’t the only thing to look out for. If your humidity level falls to below 35, that can be problematic. Low humidly makes the wood to dry out which in turn weakens the wood causing the floor to split along the grain. This greatly damages the finish and could be a big issue during regular maintenance.

You can check humidity at home y using a hydrometer or humidistar.They are readily available in hardware stores or home centers closest to you. If the humidity level is above or below the recommended limit make the necessary adjustments. If they are too high you should turn up the air conditioner or use a dehumidifier. This will ensure lifetime durability of your Armstrong commercial floors.