Spice Up Your Living Room With Top-Notch Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpets are made from sisal plant. Although some people might not consider sisal as an ideal material for making carpets, here are some of the reasons why you should consider sisal carpet for your floor.

Great stair addition – If you are looking to spice up your stair cases then sisal carpets are a good match. They are coarse which provides friction for grip. However, they are more expensive compared to their sea grass and coir counterparts. On the other hand, they attract huge fitting costs compared to conventional carpets.

Hardwearing – Homeowners who have bought any sisal carpet design will attest to the fact that it’s tougher than other carpet types. However it hardly keeps moisture and therefore not suitable for use in the kitchen


If you are looking for durable carpeting material among natural rugs and carpeting options, then you should consider sisal. They are strong and tough compared to other materials such as jute.

The look of sisal is puzzling in itself. Just like other materials it comes in creamy white, beige and tan. The fibers form a woven looking fabric that can fit in with any décor. If you are looking to spice up with different colors then sisal holds dye. It can also be woven to take different looks as well. Here are some advantages of using sisal carpets

  • Sisal is biodegradable given that it’s made from plant fiber, once it has served its purpose, it will not take forever lying at your homestead.

  • Sisal comes with a low maintenance cost. All you need is regular vacuuming in order to keep it in shape.

  • It is static resistant and not very flammable

  • It is fast absorbent. So absorbent that it acts as a natural humidifier for your home. This means your home will stay cool even on hot days.


  • Given its absorbent nature, it’s easily prone to staining making it difficult to steam clean or wet shampoo.

  • It’s quite durable due to the tough material. Despite this being the case it’s still rough to touch. If softness is what you are looking then this is not your best bet.

Treatment option available for your floor covering

Despite the tough sisal nature, sisal carpets stain easily with liquids. To ensure you don’t continually suffer from stain related problems, it’s important to use a polymer coating that is sprayed before delivery

What you need to know before buying.

If you have doubts on the right carpet size, material and finding a blend that will complement your interior decor, then this buying guide will answer any question regarding the sisal carpets. You will also learn different ways to incorporate sisal rugs in your home.


Size is an important consideration if you are looking to purchase a carpet. If you are looking to cover the dining area or stair case tile then you should find a larger size. When you want to protect the entry way from dirt or mud, you should choose a sizable square or rectangular shaped carpet


Naturally, sisal is used in making tines or ropes, and this can create natural rugs that come in uniquely textured surface. Such consistencies work best in laid back and stylish living room. Also, blending the sisal with other fibers gives it a more comfortable feel and is perfect for different areas within your house. Carpets blended with wool are gaining popularity since they are softer and enticing for bare feet walking.


The nature of the carpets makes them best suited for different areas of the house. A sisal carpet wouldn’t be an ideal fit on children’s room or playroom due to its susceptibility to stain and its rough texture. However, its durable construction works well on high traffic areas.


If you are looking for a more retro sisal carpet look, consider placing round designs on top of each other either at the family room or living room. Rectangular shapes are best alternative for long rooms or under the dining table. Oval shaped are great additions when placed at the end of coffee tables. If you are looking to complement the rustic bed in your master room then sisal runner will be ideal.

Top Shaw Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2017

In North America, I do think we are seeing a change in attitude and preferences for American-made products and flooring.” – Emily Morrow Finkell, Interior Designer and CEO of EF Floors & Design, LLC

Well said, Emily! What better way to begin any post on trending types of flooring in 2017 than to start at the point of origin? We’ve gathered a few of the top flooring trends in 2017 for you to consider before you buy one. Here are the top trends in shaw hardwood flooring, vinyl, laminate, tile, or pretty much any other variety.

1. Made in America

A lot of Americans are opting for products made or grown in the USA. This trend extends beyond just flooring and décor to practically almost every product out there. It seems like this trend is here to stay, and there are many American companies like Armstrong Hardwood taking note of this. For example, their latest American Scrape Shaw Hardwood Flooring collection consists of vintage hand-scraped textures applied to premium American timber like hickory, maple, and walnut.

2. Large Tiles and Wide Planks

Whether it’s large tiles or wide planks, the bigger the better. Large planks and tiles make your room look bigger, clean and more modern. You’ll find this trend not just in wood, but also in vinyl, tiles and laminate.

3. Color – Gray, White, Blonde, and Expresso

Remember the time when homeowners chose a safe neutral color that would ‘match everything’? Well, neutral is out, color is in. Yes, and how! Gray is one color that is here to stay, whether it’s hardwood gray flooring, cabinets and other decor.

Blonde wood floors are another great color option this season. Blonde is bright and makes your rooms look bigger, and like gray, it’s in for the long run.

White and expresso (read almost black) wood and wood-look shaw hardwood flooring are at two opposite ends of the spectrum but they have converged in 2017 as hot trends. You should, however, think about these carefully because both show up dirt pretty easily. Dark floors can also make your rooms look darker.

4. Patterns – Parquet

Parquet comes from the French word ‘parchet’ which means ‘a small enclosed space’. This flooring has its origins in the Palace of Versailles where woodwork parquet was used to replace the marble flooring. Typically, Shaw hardwood in contrasting color and grain are used to create geometric patterns. Herringbone is one of the most popular kinds. Another kind is chevron, but any geometric shape like squares and triangles also fit the bill. It’s trending even with tiles and vinyl. Try it in a small space – like the entryway, hallway or a bathroom to see if it works for you.

5. Reclaimed

Imagine being surrounded by remnants from your great grandparents’ house or from an old barn from the 1800s. That’s how reclaimed wood will make you feel – a part of history.

Reclaimed wood from Victorian homes that have been dismantled, textile mills from the turn of the century or even a river, are now being given a new lease of life. No floorboards distressed in a factory can match the aged look of these. You can also get recovered wood certified with programs like the SmartWood certification program.

6. Wood-Look Flooring

Wood-look flooring is a hot new trend in 2017. With advanced technology, wood look flooring no longer looks cheap or synthetic. Laminate and vinyl have jumped into the market in a big way, and are preferred because they’re easy to maintain and affordable, without being a compromise on authentic looks.

7. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is gaining popularity because it’s very flexible in terms of use. It’s great because there are lots of design options, with plenty of different textures, colors and plank sizes. It’s also easier to maintain and is the smarter choice for homes with kids and pets.

The top trending flooring for 2017 does leave one spoilt for choice thanks to the extravaganza of colors, textures, sizes, and patterns to choose from. When you go Shaw Hardwood flooring or tile hunting, keep your eye out for these trends. You’ll find them at your local Home Depot, or even online on sites like Carpet Express. It won’t be long before you find something that fits your taste and budget.

Choosing the Perfect Armstrong Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

When choosing the best flooring for your new home or for a renovation, you may be faced with a maze of choices. Carpets, vinyl, linoleum, and terrazzo are just some of the many options out there. However, one choice stands out above the rest for its rustic good looks, durability and elegant finish: hardwood flooring. As a first time buyer or loyal hardwood fan, you can choose from reliable brands like

Armstrong Hardwood. This choice is sure to be the pride and joy of any homeowner.

Choosing that perfect inviting and classic look for your dream home just got easier with these five basic considerations to think about when choosing hardwood flooring:

1. Type of Hardwood – Solid or Engineered?

The first choice you must make is between organic, natural solid hardwood, or its more modern engineered equivalent. Engineered hardwood has a multi-ply structure and is flexible enough to be used in basements, and homes with radiant heating systems. Solid hardwood looks more authentic and has natural appeal but engineered hardwood allows flexibility and can be directly installed over concrete.

2. Species – Classic, Exotic or Distressed?

Domestic woods, like those from Armstrong Hardwood, come in a range of colors, grains and hardness. Some classic wood species are stained red oak, white ash, cherry and pine. While something like red oak is the most common hardwood flooring in American homes, heart pine is more rusty looking and knotty. Cherry has a clear finish and a cinnamon tint that darkens with time.

Exotic woods like Brazilian redwood, Australian cypress, black acacia, and Brazilian koa are known for their hardness. Australian cypress can give a more rustic look while Brazilian koa is known for its alternating dark chocolate and blond stripes which render an eye catching look. For high traffic areas in your house, you could choose a hard wood like oak, Brazilian cherry, maple or ash.

Distressed species like distressed hickory and handscraped white oak are also a coveted option for that worn-in, aged look.

3. Width – Planks or Strips?

Hardwood flooring comes in two widths – planks and strips. Strips are generally no wider than three inches while planks are more than three inches. The rule of thumb while choosing the perfect width is to consider the size of your room. Broad planks suit larger rooms, and would overpower everything else in a small room. Choose width after taking into account the size of your room and the effect you wish to achieve.

4. Hardwood Grade – Select, Rustic or Natural?

These are the three basic grades of hardwood. While selecting Armstrong hardwood has the least amount of knots and color variations, or defects, natural hardwood has some defects while rustic Armstrong hardwood has more character thanks to its ample knots and variations. However, grade can vary according to species. For example, premium quality Australian cypress has lots of knots. Apart from the overall finished look you want to achieve, keep in mind the room size.

5. Finish – Site-Finished or Prefinished?

Finishes can either be site-finished once installed in your home, or pre-finished in a factory. Generally, pre-finished flooring tends to be stronger because they’re packed with aluminum oxide and cured under UV lights. The floor is ready on the day of installation, so you don’t have to wait.

Now that you’ve acquired the basics, you can make a more informed choice from all the range of options out there. If you’re not sure about what you’d like in your home, be sure to check out sites like Carpet Express which offers convenient shipping that drops products directly to your house. For 25 years they’ve been America’s trusted suppliers of reasonably priced, high-quality flooring.

How to Choose the Best Berber Carpets for Your Floor

There are numerous carpets in the market today that it is easy to confuse their qualities. However, Berber Carpets are distinct because of their unique weaving methods. The methods are borrowed from their Tunisian ancestors who have maintained the weaving style. They are also referred to as Mergoum.

These carpets have been categorized among the luxury class of rags. The original carpets are made of wool, which makes them a premium quality product. It is also versatile and thus allows use in different environments or situations. In fact, it can be used both in residential areas and commercial floors in a way that enhances the appearance of the room it is installed.

The origin of Berber Carpets was the description of a fabric that was white in color with dark strains intertwined. These strains are usually brown or gray. The North Africans used a unique weaving style that produced this luxurious rag. The loop style used in weaving was the origin of the name. This name has come to be identified with carpets that are weaved using the looping style.

Source: http://carpetexpressusa.weebly.com/home/how-to-choose-the-best-berber-carpets-for-your-floor

Quick, No-Hassle Tips to Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Everyone loves the aesthetic appeal of hardwood flooring! It gives the home a quaint comfort that is warm and inviting. But … homeowners who have installed for the first time may be surprised to know that with much hardwood comes much responsibility!

The best thing about this is that when it’s maintained well it keeps looking as good as new. To help you maintain the original luster and shine, here are a few quick and easy tips that won’t take up too much of your time.

Give hardwood flooring a quick sweep every other day. Why? It’s hard to imagine but even small specks of dust can rub against hardwood acting like sandpaper.

Over time, it can ruin the finishing of hardwood and wear wood down causing it to lose its luster and shine. You may want to invest in a vacuum cleaner that has a mode for hardwood flooring. This helps clean deep into crevices and in between planks.

Use non-skid cotton mats at the front door or at the entrance of any room. Why non=skid cotton? Rubber or fiber-backed mats can scratch or stain wood.

Source: http://carpetexpressusa.weebly.com/home/quick-no-hassle-tips-to-maintain-hardwood-flooring

Care and Maintenance of Anderson Hardwood

Hardwood remains the most preferred elegant flooring option. Anderson Hardwood leads the pack in providing excellent quality and dynamic solutions in this space. Their floors are easy to install and maintain. They also maintain the elegant appearance for a long time without requiring a lot of attention.

You have the option of original wood or composite material. Both leave your floor looking elegant and comfortable. However, each comes with own advantages and disadvantages. That notwithstanding, installation and maintenance attention given to both varieties are almost similar.

Proper maintenance of Anderson Hardwood floors is necessary guarantees its long life. Maintenance means taking care of the surface as well as the tiles or materials installed. There are recommended procedures, substances and materials to use. When they are used, the integrity of your floor will be maintained.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is part of daily care required to maintain an elegant floor surface. The tips shared here are specific to hardwood floors, though some may be shared with other floor types. They also apply to both original wood and composite hard wood.

  • Clean the floor regularly using sweeping broom, a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner. The sweep broom is used to get rid of chaff, stone pebbles and dust that are likely to scratch the surface of the wooden floor. They may also push the wooden planks apart creating dangerous wedges. Water or other liquids may sip through the surface. Insects like cockroaches may also hide in the cleavages.

  • Use a mop and specified cleaner on regular basis. The mop should be dump but not wet. It helps to absorb dust and the tiny particles on the surface without pushing water between the planks. It also provides the required humidity on the surface to protect the wood from cracking under heat. Ensure that the material used to manufacture the mop is soft and tender on the surface to avoid scratching. Anderson Hardwood comes with recommended cleaning materials and procedures that will make your work easier and professional.

  • Regularly revive the appearance of your floor by giving it a fresh coat. The substance used in coating leaves the surface shiny and smooth. It helps to cover the scratches that may have been caused by traffic. Ensure that the gloss used is the recommended variety and is applied using the professional procedure.

Maintaining the integrity of the floor requires close attention on daily basis. There are steps you can take to ensure that you floor always appears elegant regardless of its age. Here are some of these steps.

  • Wipe stains as fast as possible- this protects the wood from staining. Allowing a spill to stay longer on the floor complicates its removal. There are substances that are recommended for removing spills and stains on Anderson Hardwood floors. In fact, there is a cleaning kit that ensures that the top surface remains smooth. Use these products.

  • Protect your floor using mats- dirt on the surface causes scratches on the wooden top. The mat should be placed on the entrance to capture soil and sand particles that may scratch your wood. It also gets rid of substances like plat juices that may stain your floor.

  • Trim the nails of pets- pets may scratch the surface of the Anderson Hardwood floor and in the process damage it. They should not be allowed to play on the floor. The areas where they frequent should be protected using mats.

  • Use mats strategically around the house- areas that experience heavy traffic easily get damaged. To protect them, the use of mats is recommended. These areas include sinks, walkways, entrances and lounge areas.

There are other measures that will help you maintain an excellent living space for a long time. Your floor, being wooden, should be protected from direct sunlight. This combines with protection against heat. Light cause the surface to fade while heat leaves cracks. There are Anderson Hardwood floor protectors that are used to reduce pressure on the floor to prevent indentation. Heavy objects being moved on the surface should be lifted.

A long lasting and beautiful Anderson Hardwood floor requires regular maintenance. Shoes with spikes should not be used on the floor. Heavy shoes and especially those with trends should also be removed at the door. There are cleaning substances that will damage the floor. They include those made of ammonia, wax, bleaches, polishes and oily soaps. Acidic materials like vinegar should also be avoided. Use the recommended soaps that are gentle on the surface to maintain a smooth surface.

The Dos and Don’ts of Mohawk Hardwood

Mohawk hardwood ranks top among the most graceful floors. When properly maintained, it retains beauty and strength for years. Unlike tiles and cemented floors, special attention is required to maintain the high quality surface. Here are tips that will give you an excellent floor for the longest time.

  • Basic Care

The floor should be swept on regular basis with soft bristles or a broom. This is especially important for high traffic areas to eliminate gritty dirt and sand pebbles that result in a rough surface. When the dirt particles build up on the walkway, the wooden surface is scratched, leaving it rough and unattractive. It is vulnerable to elements if the coat is removed.

The vacuum can also be used to clean Mohawk hardwood floor. However, ensure that it does not have a beater bar or the power rotary brush head. The floor easily fades when exposed to UV light or excessive direct sunlight. Just like most woods, it will fade and age when left exposed for an extended period of time. One idea to ensure an even aging is to rearrange your living area on regular basis.

Protecting the Wood from Damage

  • If you have pets around the house, ensure that their nails are always trimmed. The paws should also be kept clean to ensure that they do not drag substances and materials that can stain or scratch the surface. You may lay a rag over the areas where pets spend most of their time. This ensures that their claws do not scratch the surface.

  • Wooden surfaces are very sensitive to humidity. It gets worse in the dry season because they tend to crack. The humidity over the wooden surfaces should be maintained at 35-55%. If this is not available in nature, a humidifier will do. This is also the reason you should use UV light guards to prevent direct sun heat on to the wooden surface. The sun dries the surface causing it to crack.

  • Stains are difficult to remove when they fall on wooden surfaces. To prevent the surface from soaking up these stains, they should be wiped immediately. Use the right materials, substances and methods to get rid of stains. Avoid abrasive materials that leave the surface stained. There are excellent cleaning substances provided by Mohawk. Use them to avoid compromising on the quality of your floor.

  • There are substances that might prove difficult to remove on the surface. They include chewing gums and wax. One of the most effective methods to remove them without damaging the surface is to use ice. Ice hardens the wax or gum making it easier to remove. Be gentle when removing these substances to avoid scratching the surface.

Providing Extra Protection

It is important to protect the surface even as you take necessary maintenance measures. Some of the measures include investing in heavy mats that prevent direct furniture contact with the wooden surface. You may also use protective pads on the feet of heavy furniture to avoid pressure on the wooden surface.

You should also place a mat at the entrance and exit of all rooms. This ensures that soil and sand pebbles are not brought into the house. Dirt from one room will also be captured at the door. High traffic areas should also be protected using a mat. They include the front of vanities, stoves, kitchen sinks and walk ways. The mats also reduce wear and tear though they affect the attractiveness of the surface.

You need to avoid certain actions that are likely to affect the quality of the floor surface.

  • Remove spiked shoes when walking into the room. Mohawk hardwood is very comfortable and warm to walk on. Removing the shoes prevents the spikes from damaging the floor by poking holes.

  • Follow the right cleaning procedures and use the correct materials. Some of those to avoid are damp mops, wet mops and running water. The wood soaks water and since it is indoor, drying becomes a challenge.

  • The cleaning materials used should not contain silicon, tung oil, citrus or lemon. These substances damage the top coat of this wood.

  • Harsh scoring substances should also be avoided. They include steel wool, scouring powders and metallic surfaces. They damage the floor immensely.

The quality of your Mohawk hardwood floor will depend on how well you maintain it. Use recommended substances, materials and procedures. When properly maintained, it will give you excellent service over a long time.