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WPC Flooring: Is It The Best Option For My Floor?

What do you look for in a floor? Is it comfort? Elegance? Water resistance? Durability? What would you regard as the best combination for a good floor? WPC flooring is the perfect definition of a versatile floor that can be used on almost any room. This floor can be used on residential, industrial, public and even commercial places. It is considered a flooring option that delivers excellent value for your money.

By definition, WPC flooring stands for Wood Plastic Composite. It is a special material that has been nicknamed WaterProofCore. In fact, this name arises from the fact that this material can resist water and other liquids, as well as resist staining the surface of the floor.

The WPC flooring material is made of several layers that make it a handy choice for any floor. It comes with a wear layer on top that protects the surface from excessive wear, which makes it cleanable and stain resistant. This top layer makes WPC ideal for commercial use.

There is a luxury vinyl layer that enhances the durability of the floor. This is the layer that resists chipping and also protects the floor from dents. It is made of the best quality vinyl in the market. Below the luxury vinyl is the COREtec structure. It enhances the waterproof qualities. It also enhances stability ensuring that the floor does not easily expand or contract. WPC flooring is therefore ideal whenever you want a floor that does not easily get damaged by continued use. It turns your floor into a high density area that can withstand heavy use.

WPC flooring also comes with an underlayment that eliminates the need for padding. This is the layer that reduces the time it takes for your floor to heat or cool.

Why Choose WPC Flooring Over The Other Types Of Floors?

People choose flooring materials for various reasons. The reasons may include personal preferences, but the state of the flooring material is important when making the decision. What are the advantages of choosing WPC flooring over the other varieties?

  • Water proof– as stated earlier, WPC is the real definition of water proof. This is unlike the other varieties of laminate or wood that fail to contain water when it spills on the surface. If you want to install a flooring type at an area that is prone to spillage, this will be your option. Water remains on the surface for hours without damaging the floor or going below the surface.
  • Easy to maintain– a floor should not be a source of headache whenever you think of cleaning and maintenance. With the surface being water proof, your floor will be easier to keep clean because it does not get easily contaminated. Further, in case of a spill, it is easy to clean using ordinary substances. This will eventually reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • Luxurious– the quality of WPC flooring is appealing without having to spend a fortune. This elegant floor gives your room a luxurious and relaxing feel. The appearance is enticing which allows you to create elegant living areas at a fraction of the budget.
  • Affordable- the world is such that the best quality items are always expensive. WPC flooring presents a different picture. The flooring material ranks top among the best in the industry. However, its price is way below those of others in the same category. The good news is that this does not come at a compromise of the quality. This means that you get the best quality floor at a minimal budget.
  • Easy to install- the quality of service you receive from a floor is determined partly by its installation. Quality installation requires an expert who understands WPC flooring installation. However, with this kind of floor, you are provided with instructions that make it easy for you to install. The DIY manual reduces your cost of installation without lowering the quality of your floor.

WPC flooring is a remarkable option when thinking about your floor. It offers excellent value for money, durability, and highly luxurious. It will transform your living area as well as make the place easy to maintain. With an instruction manual accompanying the flooring materials, you can DIY and still achieve a durable top-quality floor. If you are looking for long term value for money, this is the type of floor to consider.

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The Unique Advantage of Buying a Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is one of the most versatile types of carpets in the market today. It has grown to allow use on any surface, unlike the past where it was said to be for basements and home office uses. In fact, you will be surprised that this is among the most recognizable carpets today.

The original definition of Berber carpet was carpets that were light in color and had brown or grey flecks. This was a result of the weaving technique used by the original weavers in North Africa. Their technique involved looping which caused the name Berber to be associated with this style. All carpets that were woven in this style came to be termed as Berber carpets. Today, there are many colors and options of weaving this carpet.


Cost is one of the reasons you will find a Berber carpet on more floors than any other style. It is considered fairly priced for most home owners to afford. It is also available at different prices because of its features making it accessible to most buyers. Though the price may be regarded as relatively higher than that of contemporary carpets, there is a justification for the slightly higher price for Berber:

  • The fiber used in the manufacturing process of Berber is Olefin. It is more expensive than the common polyester used on other carpets.
  • Berber is, however, less expensive compared to others in its class. The technology used to weave the other carpets is more advanced and therefore relatively expensive.
  • The looping part of carpet manufacturing is usually sustained compared to the manufacturing of the other carpet brands.

Other factors that will affect the cost of your carpet include its size and the store where you are buying the carpet.


If you do not want to buy a carpet every few months, you should consider buying a Berber carpet. The durability of this carpet is attributed to the quality of fiber used in weaving. This fiber is strong and therefore lasts longer. This does not mean that every Berber carpet you buy will be durable. The method of weaving is also said to contain the threads effectively and thus makes them stay in place longer. This carpet can withstand intense traffic while still maintaining its integrity. There are different qualities of Berber carpets.

Carpet for Pets

Pets make your home warm and vibrant. However, their activity is likely to be curtailed by the presence of carpets. Pets want to run around and play using their paws and claws. When their nails get caught in the loops, the integrity of the carpet is damaged. The pet may also get hurt if the fiber holds onto the claw. The texture of this carpet is very alluring. Pets may find it to be the best place to sharpen their claws.


Berber carpet is one of the easiest carpets to maintain. It does not get damaged easily especially during vacuuming. The quality of fiber is also not prone to quick damage despite receiving a lot of traffic. You only need to be cautious when using the beater bar during vacuuming. It is likely to destroy the fiber leading to damage of your carpet. The tough and tight strands on the carpet make it difficult for dirt and even stains to penetrate the surface. This makes it easy to keep the carpet sparkling clean.

Soft Carpet

Are you looking for a carpet that is soft to walk on? This is your ideal bet. The weaving design and quality of fiber used make the Berber carpet a perfect option for indoor use. It is comfortable to walk on and will make your indoors very comfortable.

Berber carpet remains one of the softest and most durable carpets in the market. It offers incredible value for your money through easy maintenance, durability and the best texture. Depending on the fiber used, it can withstand heavy traffic without damage on its integrity. Berber is available in small sizes and multiple features, enabling you to make a choice on what fits your needs. You are guaranteed value for money when you buy this carpet.

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The Basics of Shaw Floorte Maintenance

Shaw Floorte is one of the most elegant ranges of flooring materials. It is famed for its resilience and value. The floor is also durable and will keep stains and water from damaging your living area. However, the only way to enjoy its elegant benefits is by maintaining the floor immediately after installation and on a regular basis.

Care Immediately after Installation

The steps you take immediately after installation will determine the long term integrity of your floor. Experts in Shaw Floorte installation insist that traffic on the area for the next 48 hours after installation should be kept at minimum. This allows the glue or adhesive used on the floor to stick evenly and therefore avoid future problems.

You must be excited to get to the house after installing Shaw Floorte. Experts warn against such a quick decision. It is recommended that you wait for 24 hours and 48 hours before installing furniture on a new floor. Furniture presses the floor for a prolonged period. This will interfere with the adhesive and eventually affect the integrity of the floor over the long term.

Begin sweeping the floor as early as possible. There is no room for dirt and grit sticking on the surface. There are recommended cleaners that are non-abrasive that should be used instead of ordinary substances. The hard cleaners will damage the surface and expose it to future disintegration. A surface that is damaged will reduce the appeal of your floor. When it is time to clean, do not use the beater bar vacuum cleaner. This cleaner will damage the floor while it is still young.

User Manual

Manufacturers also provide instructions to be used in keeping Shaw Floorte clean and in perfect shape. The cleaning manual also indicates the frequency of cleaning and the attention needed when there is a stain on the floor. Follow these instructions to avoid damaging either the surface or the layers below.

Mop the floor daily to remove grit and dirt. Dirt that is allowed to build on the surface will damage it. Grit on the other hand scratches the surface leading to reduced integrity. You should mop the surface on a daily basis to avoid buildup. Buildup causes the dirt to stick between the planks, making them difficult to clean. When force is exerted on grit as people walk or objects are placed on the surface, it will damage the smoothness of your Shaw Floorte.

Stain Removal

Spills should be wiped as soon as possible. Though Shaw Floorte is known to be resistant to staining, allowing the stain to stay too long on the surface will only escalate the damage. Depending on the type of spill, there are recommended substances for cleaning spills off your floor. Use an absorbent material that soaks the spill instead of spreading it to other areas. The spills must be cleaned as fast as possible to avoid staining.

Protective pads should be used on all furniture placed on the surface. This form of protection should be extended to cover appliances. The pads are created specifically to protect your floor from scratches as you drag furniture on the surface. Dragging furniture on the surface or its prolonged weight on the surface will damage your floor. This will preserve the integrity of the surface.

Exposure to the Sun

Do not expose Shaw Floorte to the sun for a prolonged period of time. The sun or heat causes the floor to expand and contract. This will affect the integrity of the adhesive causing it to come off. Your floor will be damaged in a very short time. It is advisable that you use blinds on windows or draw curtains especially on mornings and evenings when the sun is likely to penetrate into the house. This floor is not suitable for outdoor use unless you are going to cover the area.

Furniture on the Floor

There are measures that will help you maintain the overall integrity of your floor that may not be related to what happens on the surface. For instance, it is advisable that you use mats at the doors to trap dirt and grit. This reduces the need for continued maintenance. The use of pads where furniture or appliances are placed will protect your floor from damage. Ensure that furniture and appliances have full contact with the floor.

Shaw Floorte will reciprocate the kind of care you show to it. With the availability of the user manual, you have clear directions on maintenance to ensure that the floor serves you for a long time. In case of damage, call a professional to assist with repair. Proper care and maintenance ensures that your floor remains elegant for a long time.

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Fresh Expert Revelations on Carpet Padding

The reason most people do not think about carpet padding is the fact that it is found below the carpet. This is a practical case of out-of-sight out-of-mind. However, this approach denies you the opportunity to have the best carpet use experience imaginable. This is one of the carpeting accessories that will transform the way you use the carpet and the feel of your floor.

But isn’t a carpet enough for the floor? It is easy to claim that but a look at the importance of padding will make you change your mind.

  • Carpet padding creates the perfect and soft walking feel on your floor. This will make a difference between a luxurious house and one that makes you feel as though every step is a struggle. Include padding beneath your carpet to get the softest walking surface.
  • It makes cleaning of carpets easier and more effective. Carpets are known to hold a lot of dust and other loose particles. With padding, vacuum cleaners can lift the carpet and extract all the dirt beneath. This is important in ensuring that your house is free of allergies and dust related health hazards.
  • Perfect insulation- padding materials have a higher insulation value than ordinary carpets. This enables them to stop a draft that might slip through because of poor carpeting. Through insulation, it is easier for you to control the temperature inside the room. This enhances comfort.
  • Absorbs sound- padding is very effective in dampening sound in a room. It is therefore very important and useful for upstairs rooms. This does not eliminate the need to have it in your basement. It will dampen the sound and make the house quiet and comfortable to live in.

Warranties of some carpets can be voided by installing the wrong padding. Each carpet manufacturer recommends particular padding brands. Use these directions when buying padding for your carpet. Here are other considerations to make when buying padding for your carpet.


The world today seems to think that bigger is better. This approach is erroneous when dealing with carpet pads. There is no contention that a thick pad may be durable. However, if it goes beyond 8lb 7/16”, it will result in challenges with insulation. Most padding manufacturers understand this therefore they produce pads that are 7/16”. Having a pad that is too thick will result in excessive give which damages your carpet.

Weight of Padding

The pad should be of average height. It is almost obvious that the weight of padding affects its durability. 6.5lbs is the recommended weight. However, some will go up to 8lbs and eventually give you incredible durability. The density or weight of a pad also depends on the material used. Foam pads are less weighty compared to slab which may weigh up to 22lbs.

Type of Padding

This is an issue of personal preference but there are consequences for every choice you make. Foam pad is the most common and usually given with the carpet. Its challenge is that it does not hold. Rebond padding is a common choice for homes during upgrades. It is cheap yet durable but might not be comfortable on areas where there is a lot of traffic. Memory pad is another option that is very comfortable to your feet. Unfortunately, it squishes resulting in damage to your carpet. There are other varieties, each with unique pros and cons. The choice is yours to make.

Do You Need Moisture Resistance?

Padding plays multiple roles including insulating the house and carpet against moisture from underground. This moisture destroys the carpet when allowed to linger for too long. Padding that is resistant to moisture will protect your carpet especially on basements and ground floors. Ensure that the material used in manufacturing the padding is indicated for that purpose. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary problem. Padding does not solve your moisture issue. You need a long term solution for the moisture problem.

What is your budget?

Padding costs money to buy and install. It will therefore cost you money to buy the padding and install it in your house. Get a referral or read reviews to get the best padding to use. This ensures that you get value for your money. Invest in a good padding and you will never have to think about it for years.

Carpet padding will enhance the comfort of your floor by making it even. Consult carpet experts when you want to install carpets and padding to ensure that you get value for your money. A quality carpet saves you the trouble of a damaged carpet.

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Revolutionize Your Living Space with the Best Soft Carpet Collection

Your home’s floors are a prominent part of the overall décor and as such, you need to choose the best flooring system for your home. More importantly, the type of floor you install should be comfortable, long lasting, aesthetically appealing and safe. The best carpeting systems in the market effortlessly deliver these advantages and much more. This is the most ubiquitous flooring material and its use goes back centuries.

A premium soft carpet is guaranteed to give your floors an instant makeover while giving an elegant feel to your living spaces. One of the major reasons interior decorators go for carpeting is because of the luxurious feel and you can now bring this feel to every room in your home. By choosing a premium carpet from leading brands, you will also get a healthier indoor environment, reduce noise in your house and provide safe play surfaces for your kids and pets. This article gives you more insight on soft carpeting and how to get the best products in the market.

The type of floor you install in your house will largely determine how beautiful it looks and also how comfortable it feels. Floors are a prominent part of your house and this is what visitors will first see after walking in. Depending on foot traffic, an ordinary concrete or wood floor will deteriorate fast due to wear. These floor systems are also vulnerable to water damage which ruins their appearance. If you want to give your home a dash of elegance, soft carpeting is just the home improvement idea you need.


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Add Warmth and Beauty to Your Home with Shaw Carpet

When looking for a flooring material for your home, it is important to look for a versatile product that will give your living space a stylish edge. Every homeowner appreciates how difficult caring for uncovered floors can get and this is where carpeting comes in handy. However, you have to be cautious to choose a high quality carpet to enjoy the benefits that come with this flooring material. Shaw carpet delivers a whole range of benefits in one easy-to-install package.
These are high-performance products from one of the most recognizable flooring brands in the U.S.
Like all Shaw Flooring products, these carpets are designed to blend aesthetics and function for your flooring. The company is globally renowned for its quality and outstanding carpeting and it has constantly delivered cutting-edge flooring products to the industry. Their rich heritage in flooring manufacture makes Shaw the best brand to shop from if you are looking for amazing floors.
 These outstanding carpets effortlessly transform your living space and also leverage latest technology to provide a healthier indoor environment. If you are looking for the ideal floor improvement idea, the Shaw carpet collection has just the solution you need. The fusion of superior performance, appearance and comfort makes Shaw carpets among the best in the category.
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Spruce Your Home Using the Mohawk Carpet Advantage

It is the dream of every homeowner to make their living space cozier, healthier and more elegant. For the ever busy contemporary homeowner, maintaining every part of the house in tiptop condition is not easy. One of the most difficult parts of the house to care for is the flooring and if your floors are not in mint condition, this affects indoor air quality (IAQ), ruins your interior décor and also affects the life of your floors. This is where Mohawk carpet comes handy to help maintain your floors in the best shape. However good your sub-floor system looks, you need to add an extra layer of protection and carpeting does just this.

Bring your Floors to Life
For years, carpets have been used by homeowners seeking to make their homes even more comfortable. While there are many flooring materials in the market today, carpeting still remains the most popular option. A high quality Mohawk carpet in your home improves sound absorption and thermal insulation. What’s more, you have versatile range of styles, colors, materials and designs to choose from. However bland your living space looks right now, you can use the highly acclaimed Mohawk carpeting solutions to bring your floors to life.

Leveraging Award Winning Carpet Solutions
From among the award winning Mohawk flooring options, you will find the highest quality carpets guaranteed to give your home an instant makeover. More importantly, these carpets are constructed using cutting edge technology to give them the famous Mohawk advantage. If you have been looking for an affordable yet highly functional flooring material, a Mohawk carpet should be at the top of your list. This is the ultimate home improvement that will add a dash of class and functionality to your floors.